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Friday, February 5, 2010


I don't know what PR 3 of my 3 out of 4 blogs suddenly dropped to ZERO!

I wonder if it's connected with me linking to Yahoo site explorer. I tried doing so though I already am linked to google's. Tsk! tsk! Maybe it's something between them?

It's really sad after maintaining it for months!

And so bear with me for a while to gain it back, friends. Plus, I am also checking my blogroll for unreciprocated links. Deleted those who are not linked...but please let me know if you are willing to relink ;)


7 remarks:

Hibryd News said...

Don't worry my friend, also have the same experience with you. My PR go down from 4 to 0, now it is being go up. Based on my experience, your PR will back in 1 month. Keep update and blogwalking.

Carolee / Home4ever said...

I'm not sure I understand what your PR is, but sorry you lost it.

Stopping by to say Hi!

Paulette said...

oh.. that's sad. don't worry you'll get it back again ;)

ruby said...

oh my so sorry about that..

imelda said...

I checked my site jen and ur here now. sorry i guess i added u only on my other blogs.

Anonymous said...

these PR can play yo-yo on you, i gave up chasing them, nothing to prove anyway,no need for PR at all, i believe that so long as yr readers are happy & responding to yr posts what more do you want, yr readers response are the best ranking 'device' ever, so go on blogging and give us yr better than best posts every time.
p.s but then i'm not blogging for commercial reason, sorry

JENIE said...

@hibyrd ~ your first time here...and im glad to see you here!

@carolee ~ PR counts for advertisers dear ;)

@ paui ~ glad to see ur back pau! how's the baby?

@ ruby ~ thanks for the sympathy hehe

@ imelda ~ it's ok, added you back ;)

@ hans ~ you're definitely right..i'm glad to share and that others benefit form my posts...and yes you're also right about the part on "commercial reason" wink! just as i told carolee, advertiser's look into it.

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