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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is one career that has a path that never ceases to exist or even blurs in existence. In every corner of every country, medical practitioners are vehemently needed. One will need not fear of ever having no patient to see to, no disease to combat nor of not ever to be needed by an individual because every second of everyday someone needs you; and that since the very beginning of life, diseases have been with mankind.

This have been acknowledged, thus was borne is the medical management course to provide a slick trail to being a medical practitioner. Trainings and development courses are there for stability, security, reliability, assurance and advancement of career.

Interviews such as medical interviews, consultant interview or ST/CT interviews we know are naturally difficult; but candidates can “not only pass” them but “excel in them with ease” through practice interviews, guides and forums primed by experts to prepare partakers. Medical management course for doctors and spr medical management course for doctors were devised to further strengthen competencies of the Caretakers of our health. Quality service is what we expect each time, more so with our well-being; and it is pleasing to know that there are indeed ways for our trusted doctors to ensure such provisions. In the same manner, doctors themselves have this big heart of wanting to provide quality service.

Sometimes, it even goes beyond self knowledge. Consultants and experts undergoes medical teaching course to perform the role of a mentor. It is fulfilling to be the best that you can, but far better to put out the best of others through you. And perfecting in your field, you reach a point of being a mother hen to your off-springs. You would also want to share more, and give more by training the trainer or teaching the teacher. The teach the teacher course for doctors is the best to assist you in achieving your goal of spreading further the knowledge and experience you have gained in this field of medicine all people will benefit from.

Thus in reaching the crossroad, whether you are a doctor wanting to learn or a doctor wanting to pass the learning…you know that this is the landmark to where you are to make a turn. Choose the right path.

6 remarks:

sexylegsandbody said...

Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
Thanks for dropping a line on my last post, I am returning the favor now... :-)

Have a super day!

medic said...

Thanks for this information. This will surely help medical professionals in making a wise decision - whether to be clinicians or academicians. :)

Mister LLama said...

Hello! I will never forget my friends here on blogosphere! =]

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Mrsblogalot said...

You are always so informative!

Thanks for the visit Jenie!!!


theBluesman said...

the doctors? i need to re-check my position before i can totally accept their advice, and nowadays those expert doctors calling themselves consultants certainly look very young to have accumulated sufficient experience & knowledge and their invoices are fast running into four figures these days just for simple treatments. I've seen some GP's asking the patients as to what's troubling them and then just punch the info into his PC and then copied the diagnosis & medication and then passes on to the nurses to attend to you, & of course charging you a fat fee for it!

JENIE said...

@ sexylegs ~ promise to be back again ;)
@ medic ~ well, hope they get to read it hehe
@mr llama ~ glad you're back here dear!
@ mrs blogalot ~ trying to dear...trying to.
@ hans ~ that's surprising, never seen that procedure here in the philippines yet. hope never! but i've noticed some NEW doctors to be more "know-it-all and conceited than the specialists!" AS FOR THE CHARGES, YEARIGHT!

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