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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The internet world is where most of us is more than half of our time. We cannot deny the fact that we NEED the internet. But we also have to accept the fact that speaking of internet, pests like viruses and worms goes with it.

Therefore, the only appropriate thing to do is have protection somehow for our computers. Unfortunately, anti viruses cannot guarantee 100% protection for everyday, a newly founded virus comes about and the rate of finding for cure is not as fast as its birth. What do we do then? Find the best that can cater to our needs. As of the moment, I still go on trials. From Norton, to Symantec, to almost every popular anti virus recommended by friends. Now I am into Avira.

What are you using and what can you advice me?

4 remarks:

By MelCole of PA said...

Hi Jenie! I really appreciate your company in leaving words of comfort in one of the post in my blog. Such friend here in blogosphere is hard to find. But thank you, that really made my day! ;-)

Regarding about Anti-viruses, my husband got a CA-antivirus in his laptop and I got an AVG anti-virus on my laptop. His is better coz he payed for it and it lasts for a lifetime. Mine is just a free one but does better though especially that I'm hoping from one blog to another. And spending almost 50 percent of my time in the internet. Hope that helps.

theBluesman said...

i'm having Avira too,they claimed that it's a bad year for hackers but those still visit my sites. I signed them up because it's cheaper than Kapersky. They told me that Kapersky is more expensive because they used the HK actor Jacky Chan as the ambassador. I recently found another stupid brand AV claiming to be much better than the rest and priced at half of what's already in the market but then i dare not try it as many vendors claim the sky but the after sales & updates are dubious. Why is there a need to have an AV installed in the first place, the world is so full of creative people!

JENIE said...

@ MELCOLE ~ ur welcome...after all blogging is not just for opps, more for friendship ;)

@HANS ~ truth is, im just using the freewares. planning still to buy Kaspersky. I really am contented using it...only, im not sure if my pc's compatible with it. Honestly, im new at all this...just trying to catch up tru people like u ;)

beth said...

Hi Jenie,

Thanks for following our blog. Anyway, I am not a techie but my husband is and he installed all our PC's here in our shop with Avast which he found a way to download a serial key that would last for years. He's cheap enough to buy some licensed AV but I think he once told me that Kaspersky is the best AV out there though he can't get a "cracked" (pirated) license for it. : ) We have used Avira before and it's quite good in guarding our PC with spams and malwares and it automatically updates itself. Though one time it detected our cafe timer as virus so my husband immediately altered it with Avast. There, hope that helps (whew I sounded like a geek). : )

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