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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ping pong, a term used by most for Table Tennis. A game I love playing during my college days (yeah, yeah eons ago!) LOL. The truth is, I would have preferred playing Lawn Tennis but since I have no way of doing so, I settled for the miniature Lawn Tennis. It even became my P.E. (Physical Education subject) for half a year in the university.

Aside from swimming, this had been my sports for a time. A neighbor of kids had a table made for the summer. After a while, my brother put up a dart board and so then became also an activity. Billiards came next during my senior year.

Now, I have no sports. I am planning to go back to swimming though since it’s getting really hot once again. Free style is my best stroke. But maybe I can try the Ping pong once again, and see if I can still hit the ball or if the ball will be the one to hit me.

5 remarks:

scribbler said...

Taking up sports is a good idea to keep one's self fit and healthy.

I like playing badminton. :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ako rin ay naglalaro noon ng ping pong..ayos ang laro na iyan..pabilisan ng kamay..

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of the riddle "what's P in G and P on's pingpong, i wonder how it got the name pingpong in the first instance. It should have been "tick tock". So you're into swimming hah, that's the best form of exercise actually as it involves the whole body, the only set back is that you need a clean pool of water to do it otherwise you can contract all sorts of communicable diseases! bluuurrrrgh!

JENIE said...

@ scrib ~ i try badminton once ina while, but right now it isn't such a good idea to since it's so windy.

@arvin ~ how i would love to play again.

@ hans ~ i love swimming! first reason? doesn't make me sweat hahaha!

Anonymous said...

btw Jen, you still sweat when you do yr swimming you know and of course the other swimmers will get to enjoy the taste of it too, heh3x.

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