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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Heart attack can happen to anyone. Young or old. Male or female. Yes, female. It is commonly heard that a dad, grandpa, uncle or a brother had a heart attack...but let us be forwarned that it's not only them. That even us, females, can have one too.

And so, we must know the facts, the factors, and the first-aide to an attack. Just like this friend of a friend who were able to see it coming thus was able to call the paramedics to her aide before she lost consciousness and saved her life!

It can happen anytime without any signs of it going to happen. You may not suspect it to being an attack right away, especially if you "believe" yourself to be healthy and active. Just as it did to Dana. She shared how it felt so we would be aware incase this thing happen to us. She said she felt indigested. Like there was a lump of food in her throat that she tried to wash off with water. But it then subsided, only to be followed by a squeezing sensation in her spine up to her chest, then to her throat, up until it spreads in her jaw. That, she said, made her realize that she's having a heart attack! Pain in the jaws!

She advised not to panick and call for help as soon as possible. If you're alone, call the paramedics and unlock the door so they can come in and see you right away. Position yourself near the door and lay down on the floor.

More important than this knowledge is the NEED FOR CHANGE NOW! Change in your lifestyle and your food choices. We need to be aware BUT moreso, we need to do something about it!
So, have your annual check-up now and have a cardiologist assess you!

It's always better to preemp than to be sorry after.

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