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Sunday, March 8, 2009


First pregnancies are mighty special. It is a time where first time mommy’s can’t help getting all excited and fussy with the preparation, and of course, on how they look with this new baggage!

Not everyday that you get to be in this womanly look. And so, you wanted to be one of those who looks alluring and captivating to be very much pregnant! Some even uses clothing that makes the pregnancy obvious to lookers.

Sometimes though, we tend to overspend a little on our maternity dresses just to show-off, but then again, this may not happen again in our lifetime.

Still, it’ll be a lot wiser to be practical. After all, there will be more expenses once the baby is out, so one should try to save as much as possible. So, when we shop for our maternity clothes, let's try to limit them as to our use. Bear in mind that this is a wardrobe just for a few months. That if possible, we look for pretty and comfortable ones that we can possibly use again though we're not carrying anymore. Like a skirt, an oversized shirt, and the likes. They need not be expensive, infact, cheaper than our usual clothes budget.

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