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Monday, November 22, 2010


Whoa, that was fast! The last I posted was music monday, and now it's monday again?!

How time flies by. There are times that I think that maybe God is truly making it go so fast nowadays. It's not so before. The 5 minutes seems to be just a minute ago. Though when you stare at the just ticks as it ticks before. Still...

Just as I posted in my earthy me, TIME IS COMING TO ITS END. I know so. Basing it from the words of God, we are at the very door. That "at the ends of time" means AFTER WORLD WAR(that was 1947), and that one of the the signs, earthquakes, are being witnessed everyday already from different parts of the world, hunger and famine we also bear witness...and so many others that started only the past years. All kinds of calamities and accidents that destroys life and shakes our awareness, varying diseases and destruction in man's health, the very fast growth of knowledge! ITS COMING IS BEING MADE KNOWN TO EVERYONE...hope we all heed the warning.

I don't know what gotten into me...I just suddenly have these thoughts and my fingers just types the words. I'm suppose to write down about music monday. Well, I guess this is what blogging is about for me, sharing what I feel and think inside. And honestly, everyday this crosses my mind. Does it also cross yours?

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