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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Are you among the millions that can't stop fidgeting since the NFL season started? Now is the time to stop the fuss and get your tickets for the most awaited games.

And it's so easy, without the need to wake yourself up at the most unholy hour just so you get to be the first in line in getting yourself a pass. Like if you're dying to see the Washington Redskins, they will be at the FedEx Field start the 28th of November. Or you cannot miss the Broncos vs Rams at the Invesco Field. Even the New England Patriots who will be at the Gillette Stadium and Indianapolis Colts at the Lucas Oil Stadium. At the comfort of your home you can see the schedule, and have a ticket, no sweat!

And cannot await all those excitement in your television!!! Imagine being in the last few seconds on the clock, the pressure is high, everybody on their feet as the ball get tossed near the goal...and all of a sudden there is this truly unfortunate disruption and you missed that interception and the immediate goal. It all came back and you just heard the anchorman declaring the win after that tie. Frustrating! There is no choice better than being there with the crowd, cheering...seeing everything and joining the next days recounting.

So what's the wait? Be the first to look at the schedule and be the first to have the ticket!

1 remarks:

Earth said...

i'm not a sports minded person but I sure heard so much about the NFL, lol!

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