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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DEVIL WHO TAMED HER by Johanna Lindsey

If I'm not in front of my PC, I am reading a book. And just last night I finished reading this latest read of one of my favorite authors, Johanna Lindsey. For just one day! Simply because it is truly a cover-to-cover read, or hard to put down book.

Devil Who Tamed Her is a romantic novel that have the setting of the early centuries where the titles like Dukes and Duchesses matters. I love being able to travel in time through reading. And this one here have yet again captured my interest upon reading the back cover as I choose amongst other books in Booksale, which I usually frequent when I'm at the mall. It is wonderfully clever of Lindsey to come up with a different twist of a love story. A spoiled, very beautiful debutante was tamed by the most eligible bachelor. Too good to be true...nevertheless not impossible in the world of fantasy.

Nice to be in the fantasy world time and again even for a moment to escape the not-so-easy-to-live world we are in.

How about you...what's your latest read?

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