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Monday, April 5, 2010


I've been neglecting my blogs recently, and I'm truly very sorry. I am getting caught up with my new interest...and that's being an Event Coordinator. This idea actually formed a week ago when a photographer friend have yet again asked for my advice on a probable layout for his advertisement in the Wedding Magazine. The day after he mentioned his non-forming idea, I gave him my own...and he loved it.

That very day we chanced upon each other again at church and he mentioned why don't I pursue a line in connection to weddings, events and photography. He even suggested that I be a Wedding Planner / Event Coordinator. This gave me a surge of excitement and browsed about it on the web. He so kindly invited me to get the feel of it because just right in time, he have a wedding to cover the coming weekend. I very much wanted to see first hand how such takes place in the eye of a coordinator. We first had a pre-nuptial photo and video coverage and two days after, the very wedding event. It was both exciting!

I'm loving the idea of being a coordinator more and more. Plans continue to build inside my head. I started planning for a website, and included will be suggestions of pre-nuptial and wedding songs. This is when I remembered my very own wedding that I am hoping to have someday.

I have but ONE song in mind, SO IT'S YOU of Raymond Lauchengco. But I have a lot more for my pre-nuptial and probably for my reception. How about you? What did you have? Or what are you planning to have? Need my help? ;)

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Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

our song was I Can't Help Falling in Love with You - the UB40 verision

Anonymous said...

new passion eh, these marriage thing can be quite contagious you know but it'll always end up good even with you.....(**and in deep oldman's voice**) who's going to be the event coordinator then huh? heh3x

JENIE=) said...

@ hans ~ yes, contagious indeed! being in such a lovely occasion brought out the "romantic" in me that i'd like to either be wedded or atleast be a part of a wedding. the easier of the two is the 2nd i believe ;) haha

Anonymous said...

oh oh my baby is getting romantic, well if you think that the 2nd option is easier, the 1st (wedded) should be even better, that's why is the 1st...btw you've not been visiting me for a while, ok take yr time, take care Jen,

JENIE=) said...

@ hans ~ been there friend...really sowee got so hooked up with this wedding-thing.

@ anne ~ I can't help falling in love is a wonderful choice! I actually have it in my growing long list...thanks for sharing.

Nitin said...

wow!! that looks really nice stuff. so you are gonna be a business lady :D. awsome. you are in love with the whole wedding idea.. you are gonna love this then :D

bleep said...

wow...i haven't thought of mine ever yet. maybe I'll just wait for my man first...maybe in the background will be that "song"

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