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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This wedding "this and that" pokes my romantic side...and just as timely, I read this superb article. And guess what, again from a dear friend in the blogosphere Ms. D. She once again worded wonderful assessment of people in their DEFINITION OF RELATIONSHIP. I salute her wit and it continues to amaze me how she pulls-out such magnificent thoughts.

Let me then share with you my comment on her article. My focus was for a moment stilled to as to why people seem to keep getting hurt:

Very well said,Ms. D! I have wondered about those before...

...and well, what I came up with is simply there are people who LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE like there are some who can avoid getting burned during cooking but some who kept getting burned because they forget! There also are some people who TAKES THE RISK HOPING THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERENT like those who have slid off a cliff hoping this time it will not be as slippery.

I also had this notion of believing that LUCKY YOU to find someone who will GROW ALONG WITH YOU and will strive also as you strive to make everything work out till forever!

and last but definitely not the least is the DIVINE INTERVENTION! HE makes the impossible, possible...and so it won't hurt to ask Him of that perfect mate!

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bleep said...

wondeful post! it's really nice of you to post about another blogger like that....glad you're now a friend as well. you're one of a kind.

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