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Thursday, April 8, 2010


It’s not surprising anymore to suddenly get caught in a bumper-to-bumper traffic these days even in the major highways in the Philippines. And as the month of May approaches, it is even getting more frequent with all the political rallies and campaigns for candidates where held almost every where. On one end you see yellows and on the other are oranges. Though you hear of different but interrelating platforms and promises, you know that each Filipino have common thoughts: who will really do what he says he will? Who will not selfishly use the power given him/her by the people for personal gain? Who is trustworthy? Who really cares? Who will stand firm to what is right?

After knowing, loving and trusting our spiritual leader who have proven in his 46 years of service after his father before him that it is possible to guide and nurture a flock selflessly, my respect for political leaders and political leader wanna-be’s started to diminish. They are nothing compared to someone who has offered his whole life for God and his brethren. The church continued to flourish throughout the world in an unbelievable speed extraordinarily without an aid from the government, other churches or other organizations, and the name Brother Erano G. Manalo of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) equaled to a beloved spiritual “Giant” of a leader, steadfast shepherding, public trust, brilliant leadership and humility, non-tolerating corruption, an inspiration to countrymen and leaders, inspires charity for the poor, selfless service to humanity, and a leader with the principle of separation of church and state.

If only there is a candidate to being a leader for our country who will be as true, as inspiring, as compassionate to the countrymen, and as selfless…I’m sure, there will be no hesitancy in the minds of the people to wholeheartedly give him/her the trust and love he/she deserves.

3 remarks:

analou said...

In my own point of view, we really cannot blame all the mistakes committed by these leaders to themselves because the people elected them. We should blame ourselves for being irresponsible of choosing our leaders. A lot of people are being blind of the reality especially when money is involved. Vote buying is very rampant in our country. We should always think that this very little amount of money we received from these wanna-be politicians are too small compared to the long term result of our one day greediness of money.

I do hope that this coming election marks the era of our being responsible when it comes to electing our next leaders. I love our country and it hurts when I see it slowly sinking. I know there is still hope for it to get recovered/rescued and it will always depend on us to work things out the way it supposed be. Let's elect the righteous, responsible, honest and good people this election.

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

JENIE=) said...

@ analou ~ salute to you! thanks for sharing. i guess people have to have "keener" sense in deciphering who have the right to such authority...

bleep said...

i wonder if we can find one amongst the political leaders like that...sad on how the world is turning out to be.

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