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Monday, March 29, 2010


Are you that addicted?!

...and well, if you enjoy horror flicks, maybe this set up
will be a cool idea for you to have at home
(shiver!) or maybe not! Haha!

10 remarks:

yoyok said...

I prefer black coffin...Lol...very creative

Anonymous said...

i'm quite addicted but not THAT horrifically addicted as yet, thanks anyway as i'm not about willing to inherit it yet

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

haha :D alanya na ataul yan...high-tech!...grabe soooobrang techie na ang taong magpapagawa or bibili nyan..LOLz :D

Yen said...

hehe, natakot ako dun ah. hirap pala mag adik hahaha

Heart said...

Grabe, katakot to sis. Yokong maging addict. hahahahaha

David Funk said...

LOL! I'm not that addicted either. At least it is in the right setup should it ever catch a virus and not recover. LOL!

Nice one, Jenie!

S-H-Y said...

eww kakatakot nmn yan, nanindig tuloy ang mga balahibo ko lol..have a nice day to you girl..

Sam said...

Jen, sobrang gulat ko diyan ah! I remember tuloy my hubby's uncle who died last Novemember. It's my first time to see an open casket wake. Anyways, have a blessed weekend ahead. Thank you for keeping in touch

Sendzki said... naman neto! haha..perpekto!

JENIE=) said...

@ yoyok ~ mine would be bronze (oooh goosebumps!)

@ hans ~ yeah, it's weird thinking about it haha.

@ urgirlnextdoor ~ whoever buys something like this and set it up at home is simply weird...nerve wrecking! Can't imagine having a coffin at home, actually even just a toy!

@ yen / heart / shy ~ truly eyes went wild upon seeing this!

@ david ~ haha you got that right...

@ sam ~ sorry to remind you of your uncle.

@ sendzki ~ cool enough to have? LOL

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