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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last night during the Earth Hour that the whole world “supposed” to have participated in, I was thinking to myself who did say “I won’t turn off the lights anymore anyway the whole world is turning their’s off?”

Just as timely, a story was told about an event in a certain country in the west (I forgot which one except that they are truly fond of drinking wine). In a small town, the people have agreed to celebrate an event by sharing a liter of their best wine per household that in a week’s time will be poured in the big keg placed at the center of their village. With this, they surmised that just in time for the celebration it will be filled and ready for their partaking. And so, the week came and went, the villagers each poured their share. At the very day, each one was given a glass full form the keg, and they raised a toast and drank at the same time. They all stopped and look at each other in wonder, because all they tasted was WATER!

In correlating this to Earth Hour, the villagers obviously have one line of thinking…”They will not notice that I will be putting a liter of WATER anyway everyone else will be putting wine”. The same might have happened last night. Many people probably thought “I won’t turn off the lights anymore anyway the whole world is turning theirs off!”…and so the whole world is as lighted as how it is in ordinary days.

I DEARLY HOPE NOT, but I was out last night and on my way home at around 9:00 and noticed MOST homes and establishments lighted than those that are not. How about in your end?

3 remarks:

Anonymous said...

I forgot about it as usual and last year my residence was about the only one in the neighbourhood fully lighted. But then again i didn't make any pledge either. And so I must be watching the EarthHour but preferred not to do it in the dark heh3x. Nice story you've got there Jen.

JENIE=) said...

@ hans ~ yeah, glad to share it. really timely that it was told...thanks. said...

Same here in Upstate NY, looks likes Earth Hour was a bust????

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