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Thursday, March 25, 2010


A few weeks ago, I have read about the latest richest man in the world. And at that time, I wanted very much to meet him so I can ask these 2 things that crossed my mind:

1.How does he feel that his name was broadcasted for everyone to know?
2.Can he honestly say that being the richest makes him the luckiest man?

We all know that life is getting harder and harder to live these days and it is just humane for anyone to wish for more blessings; but I for one would not want to be the richest man in the world if it will be the cost of my life or my sanity. Yes you will have the means to hire as much protection as you can but no one can protect you from your fears. I can just imagine the threats you will be vulnerable to. And those men and women whose names were given for the whole world to see are possible victims to the evilness of the world.

I am sure you will agree with me in saying that, being the richest man do not necessarily mean he is the luckiest man. Unless… he is ultimately happy and contented! That he can say that he is finally COMPLETE. Then if he is, I congratulate him for God has given him everything he can possibly hope for. That the happiness he now have is not just within this life but also of the next, meaning FOREVER. Because for me, I will be the richest man if I get to inherit the everlasting happiness starting this day and forever.

4 remarks:

ASWANI said...

Really nice post. I agree Jennie, ultimately its not in the wealth, its in the happiness, contentment.

By MelCole of PA said...

Hmmm, I have no idea of who the richest man is. What was his name?

Anonymous said...

Even if you wanted Jen, you can't be the the richest MAN in the world...oops with that kind of money maybe you can, sorry.

You talked about fear, why worry anybody wanting to harm you just give them a couple of millions and they'll become yr friend in no time.

Being the luckiest person? Money can buy all kinds of things. Money can certainly buy happiness. The key to all these is YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO DO IT. And if i can get all that money i can give you all that you asked for, including a hot brewing coffee served in a solid golden mug. How about that Jen!

JENIE=) said...

@ aswani ~ thanks, glad u like it. very true that in every people's life what matters is contentment. However rich or poor one maybe, that is what counts.

@ melcole ~ i enjoyed reading the list of billioners article of yahoo, but u might wanna see the list here

if before it's the well known Bill Gates, now it's Carlos Slim HelĂș.

@ hans ~ thanks for the coffee ;) the very thoughtfulness warmed my heart friend. (if incase, make it the white choca mocca of Seattles Best, my favorite haha)

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