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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One of my favorite cartoons is Finding Nemo, and just a few days ago I have seen it again with my little one. It is an magnificent work of art. Not just with the superb talent in the drawings and animation but also with the lines and the story itself. The imagination of all involved in the creation of it is worth a standing ovation. Everything is truly brilliant. It brings out both laughter and tears. And it is both cartoon-y in a way that fishes talk but true to life with the lessons imparted concerning parents and family.

And aside from those reasons for making me love Nemo is my love for aquarium solidarity. The feeling of peace it gives me just sitting in front of my tank and look at those wonderful creations. Calming me by living as nature wants them to, just swimming around and in their own way interacting with one another. Right now, I am wishing for a change from fresh water fishes to salt water fishes. The bright colors of salt water fishes and their unique shapes and combinations are worth the effort of having to measure the salt quality of the water each time. Well, actually I guess I still have to know more about the care of salt water fishes before I start with it. Maybe you have one of your own and can throw some advices for me?

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Anonymous said...

i had a 2ft marine fish tanks a few months back but i had to cease maintaining it as the probability of errors was just too great for such a small tank, a 6ft tank should be the minimum standard for a marine fish tank. And so i converted my said marine tank to a freshwater tank keeping various African cichlids which are much easier to keep and the fishes are quite colourful and better still a lot cheaper on the budget.

JENIE=) said...

@ hans ~ i'm into cichlids right now...but i find them a li'l too hot-headed at times being territorial.

Anonymous said...

good for you as these cichlids are easy to keep & veary cheap too, only problems they are always hungry and at times very territorial esp when they are spawning, i got a few fry's just after a few days of purchasing them, you should keep thermstated at 28C and at this temp. they easily spawn but be sure to feed them as they're always hungry at this temp. I'll send some articles on cichlids to you by email.

JENIE=) said...

@ hans ~ got them, thanks again ;)

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