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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Filipino’s are getting more and more hooked watching TV Series we call Telenovela. Not only because it’s star studded but also because it was made to be life like where people can see themselves as the characters portraying the roles. The society they live in matches what we are living in, the daily truths about life and the reality of how we live and act on things reflects of these stories. But then they also have some twists that are fantasy-like, dream like, to leave the audience with hope that the fantasy story can also happen in their lives.

The producers, directors, and writers come up with stories that the Filipino’s love. If at times they redo a story from other countries, they come up with a better one to suit the preferences of the Filipino’s, and at times even other nationalities. The actors and actresses portrays the character really well that we tend to forget that they are just acting out.

Right now there are 3 most awaited shows in ABS-CBN channel…but my favorite one is Ruby. The casts are fantastically chosen and the story twists are true to life. I love the romance between two couples and how the human need affects the relationship. Very real. One just have to know the positive and the negative effects it can brought to oneself since they cannot voice out the moral lesson of the story not until it was over…maybe in a few months or a year.

4 remarks:

alf said...

i watch rubi and kung tayo's magkakalayo... hubby says too cheessyyy...

Duni said...

Judging by that photo, this show must be steaming hot :)
The 'trend' hasn't caught on here yet -- we have the traditional 'soaps' (which I DON'T watch!!)

have a nice day, Jenie!

theBluesman said...

i do watch yr telenovela too, this Ruby shows is it available on DVD already

JENIE=) said...

@ alf ~ well, i guess it's ok to be cheezzzyyy when you're a she than a he in this case...but frankly, i don't find it cheezy at all.

@ duni ~ yes it is. i got hooked ot watching telenovela's when I started being a SAHM.

@ hans ~ wow really?! you watch OUR Ruby? that's really nice to know.

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