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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Centuries ago, people follow rules that are governed by the norms of the society. People abide by those rules if one does not want to be an outcast, whether you enjoy doing things they do…or simply being the person you are not just so you can live with that circle. But there is this one lady, Nicole that was not borne to be the timid lady one should be in those times. She stick with what she believe is right like marrying for love and not the usual family arranged marriage, to which the consequence is to hide inside their home and accepted being a spinster for good after running away the day of her supposed marriage.

But while there is life, there is hope. And so her daring nature still took her to that man that craves for something other than the boring ladies; the best available bachelor that was captured by her wit, her beauty, her free spirit…her totality as a woman. So many interesting bits happened to complete their story that I had to read cover-to-cover. Scandalous Love if Brenda Joyce is one of those books that made me really happy to have seen in the shelves of Booksale. You just got to read it and be as hopeful that I can find another book as such.

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Anonymous said...

i hardly read such love stories these days, it must be the age i guess but who knows i may just pick it up one day.....

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