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Thursday, April 15, 2010


During childhood, whenever I was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my retort will be “I want to be a teacher!” I remember feeling elated each time I stay with my paternal grandmother and she asks my help in organizing test papers she’s checking since she was an English professor in a university. I dream wild while I alphabetize those yellow pads with red markings, role playing in my mind that I was actually in a classroom in front of those students helping them out from receiving failing marks from the strict Mrs. Ortiz.

I still have that hope of being one since I did not push through with that dream because teaching here in our country actually gives off very little salary. I became instead a dietitian that gives lectures to patients, and also on groups that invites me to give out information about Healthy Heart. Still, it’s not the same as being a teacher. In the last few years, the teaching job gets higher and higher pay, not here but abroad. And not once did it cross my mind to take some masters degree units just to finally do so. Then again…I did not.

With global economic crisis, I wonder now if the teaching job still is a nice choice of a career; in connection is the technological advancements that can actually totally take out the traditional way of teaching. This is just the curious me thinking again. Then I heard of this Online Tutor. What is it and is it as effective as the conventional teaching? How relevant it is in this day and age? What will be its effect in MY life?

I have to agree that today, everybody have web access. Anything you need can almost be found right at home with the internet, at your convenience! And I am continuously learning more and more each day, as well as appreciating further the new age ways of mankind. If years ago you have to find a tutor to help your kid with that will cater to your child’s need depending on their time, when you have to allot an extra savings aside from the treasure you do for their schooling just so someone can guide your kid further…now, one can actually have Free Online Tutoring at any time and at any day. I have to admit that it is not easy to work your heart out the whole day, take care of the house chores after and instead of resting after… you will have to sweat more than how you did the whole day - with MATH. And not just math but that college math you yourself had trouble with years ago!!! And the years that have past may have given you Alzeimers with those jumbled numbers in your memory already.

Now that I have a kid of my own, I am more than happy to welcome this breakthrough of Cyborg teachers. Soon enough my little one will be the college girl I dream her to be, or maybe not, and will also be needing guidance with math. She might ask me “Mom, help me with K-12?” and all I will need to do then is smile at her and introduce her to the Math Problem Solver on the net. College students as we well know have their own pace set already. We ourselves used to live almost independently by that age, asking advices on how to run but not allowing, most of the time, for others to run for us. Math Help will be a welcome assistance to college but Math Tutor will be heaven sent (especially for parents).

Agree with me that this Online Math Tutor is one of the best ideas ever. No more head-scratching nights of re-learning College Math with your kids depending on you for clarifications or help with the assignment, gone will be the low grades expected if you as student or your kid cannot understand the university teacher’s fast pace or thick-accent teaching. Math Tutors Online you can relax and learn at the comforts of your home at an acceptable and affordable rate, 24/7.

4 remarks:

bleep said...

(head scratching) yeah, math is really troublesome! hahaha.

ARUN P said...

hehe... nice article, liked it :)

theBluesman said...

the key to liking maths is to rid ourselves the unnecessary fear of the subject. Kids should be taught to like maths from the early age by associating all around us with maths, use match sticks or bottle caps to demonstrate simple maths. Once the fear is gone, the rest is easy sailing.

Online Tutoring BPT said...

Sometimes its better for students to play safe by asking for a demo tutoring session. That gives and idea about what they are going to get.

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