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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Any lady will be a hypocrite to say "I do not like to have the great asset of having bigger breasts". Of course you would want one. It's more like an ego booster. It adds to ones confidence to have such an asset plus a body that have no visible flabs (it's ok to have them as long as they are hidden LOL!) So a stomach bigger and fuller than your breasts are a total no-no!

But it's not always surgery or implant as a solution. We can have them actually with the good old way ~ PUSH UP's.

Honestly, I used to have a mere 32 bust line. Well, that was long way down memory lane. Yeano! BEFORE College life ended. That was before a chinese friend by the name of Cathy with her wonderful shaped boobs told me her secret. NOW I GOT YOUR ATTENTION (wink!)

What to do? PUSH UP. Not the man's way of doing it with legs extended, but on your knees with ankles crossed. 3 steps of doing so:
  1. palms on a diamond shape in level with your face - for a most desired cleavage
  2. palms wide apart in level with your shoulder - for a well pointed shape out front and not sideways or cross-eyed look
  3. palms wider apart a little more than your shoulder breathe - to rid side excess
With these, do so with proper breathing. Inhale as you go down and exhale as you push up. Be sure not to hurt your back by putting pressure on it. Instead push and feel the pressure in your chest.

It really worked on me. Friends envy the cleavage that shows though I don't have that super big breasts and I walk prettily knowing I don't have to overly straighten out to produce nicely shaped breasts ;) Try it with conviction and patience and in a few months, you'll have it.

*Browsed through the net and saw this other site with a different advice on 3 exercises to make your bust bigger

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether one should start doing the exercise when they are still at the baby stage huh, just kidding. I can't comment much on this post anyway. Maybe i'll pass this info to some of my younger lady friends who may need any ego booster. That's more like it.

JENIE=) said...

@ hans ~ haha of course, unless you're hoping to have one yourself (rather two nice bumps)

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