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Thursday, April 29, 2010


It is never easy to think of the best Party Food that will make the party a complete success You have to consider a lot of factors: the age of your guests comes first, the nationality or preference comes second, the budget comes third and the originality comes fourth. . Yes, you can’t resist giving a whole new set of food that your guests have not seen just a few parties ago which you know will garner praise and lasting remembrance of the event. Imagine serving yet the same set of spaghetti, chicken lollipops and hotdogs on sticks, or even the same finger foods, or the same dinner table content. How nice it would be to have your next soiree or pajama party having something unique to chomp on? This definitely will be a topic to discuss in addition to your others in mind to assure not a minute of silence or bore on any event that you will be hosting.

I believe as well that mother’s have the same mind boggling problem with their kids. It just isn’t easy to keep them being interested in the surprise you have for them. How much of a surprise to give them the new Patrick’s Potato Cake instead of your usual triangular sliced sandwiches? Or at least make it the Green Cheese Sandwich, Bangkok Birds or Chutney Pizza’s perhaps? My little one used to love hard cooked eggs but in time lost interest then I saw this Deviled Eggs that I’m sure will prick her curiosity once again. And at a high temperature of 37-38 degrees centigrade daily, I just have to continuously push her to take in as much liquid as she will. Tropical Shakes will be a first that will be for a long time.

VARIETY is imperative in food preparation. And if you’re knowledge is limited, nothing more worthwhile than having a place to go to for advices. The net is the easiest place to get them. Whether you are to host a party, entertain a friend, or please your family and love ones…it’s nothing better than pleasing them with new recipes. In the end, you will be more than pleased as well.

4 remarks:

Marinella said...

Party Time! ^^
Thanks for visiting.

bleep said...

Will definitely visit that site!!! Kindda getting bored with my food as well.

theBluesman said...

i agree wit you that the net is the easiest place to look for ideas, i usually prefer to leave such things to the ladies who are much better at such things, we men just know how to eat only and some times we criticise a lot too.

JENIE=) said...

@ marinella ~ i actually am thinking of having one, soon ;)

@ bleep ~ i go to that site evry now and then since learning about their suggestions. Even for a daily surprise for my kiddo!

@ hans ~ haha i know whatyou mean. we enjoy the preparation to please men and women, as much as the eating ;)

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