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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's been more than a week, and still my PR3 is not back (huhuhu!)

Up until now, I cannot decipher how google ranks. There were times that I ALMOST believe what I have read around: that links matters, visitors, posts, meta tags, SEO' on and so forth. But after this unfortunate turn about of my blog, I am back to where I started, how do they rank?

I remember this blog having Page Rank 1 in just a few weeks I started blogging. Then a few weeks after it went up to PR3. I've enjoyed months of of..and guess what, NOT JUST THIS BLOG but all others! Almost have no time left to myself with all the opps. I can even sing "it's raining opps! hallelujah! " And then just as sudden, it became PR ZERO! And 3 out of 4 blogs that is! Glad AT-A-BLINK was spared. Don't know why! Just as I didn't know when my then EARTHY ME now HEALTHINFO@EarthyMe suddenly warrant PR3 when I don't visit it then. No posts, no visitors, non additional links. And when I am at it...truly at it...pooof! suddenly zero.

Truly mind, I am down and low (and broke! huhuhu) but I continue on posting because I have you FRIENDS to continue reading and visiting. Thanks for somehow making me feel a little better with your hi's and hello's...and blessed with your comments and even asking to be linked. THANK YOU ALL!

How about you know anything about google's page ranking?

9 remarks: said...

yeah PR is a pain..
don't worry keep blogging.. u'll get back your pr..

Lulu said...

this is really a question that i still can't figure out the answer.

thankfully my pr's are still intact

MaxiVelasco said...

Oh my! I am sorry to hear about your PR drop. But give it another week. Usually it takes a week or so before your PR's back. Hope you get lucky. I really do.

My first every blog reached PR two quickly and reached PR3 after some months. However, something went wrong and I could not figure out why. I contacted a lot of SEO expert friends already and even bought a new Google Sitemapper --- nothing worked. After three months of having a zero PR, I dropped the blog and began a new one --- Ovah' Coffee blog. I followed it with two more blogs. As of until now, all three blogs are doing alright.

Have you changed something on your Google webmaster account? Did you change anything on your layout? Sometimes changing your layout without pasting back Google/Yahoo, etc scripts to your new layout can ruin everything. HOpe you did not do such a mistake.

Hope everything will be fine with you and your blogs.

By the way, thanks for the exlinks. YOu've been linked to my Ovah' coffee blog already.


my little world said...

Hi and hello :) lol

Thanks for the compliment.. I replied to you on my comments :)

Have a good day

ASWANI said...

Hi Jennie..I feel sad to know about the google page rank drop. Google is getting harsh on blogs these days. My advice - just keep writing and keep it all original. stay away from copying anything..I know you don't do it;) And try to build links for your blog. You will have much better page rank later for sure..don't happens..happened to me too :(

JENIE said...

@ celestial rocks ~ yeah, pain in the heart when you suddenly lose them in a snap =(

@lulu ~ i wonder when we can figure it out...

@ maxi ~ thanks so much for the link, will be visiting you back. truly appreciate your warmth and friendship=) you're right...i doodle with the html...meta in particular (darn!)

@ my little world ~ im trying really not to be JUST a blogger but a FRIEND to all =) and it has always been a golden rule for me to 'DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT OTHERS DO UNTO YOU' and "DONT DO WHAT YOU DON'T WANT DONE TO YOU".

@ aswani ~ you're right just keep on blogging ;) really hope to be back on my feet real soon.


ASWANI said...

@Jennie - You are most welcome :D

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello. sorry if it took some time bago ko nakabalik. Been busy and tapos naging very slow pa ang internet connection. The town's redoing the cables kasi for the past days.

By the way, I might be able to help you. Wait lang. I will publish an article about it on my blog para you can follow through nalang.

Have a nice day.

By the way, di pa kita nalilink. Sorry... will link you back today. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

yeah just keep writing & forget about the ranking, i threw mine out some time ago

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