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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The moment one hears the word sex, it is not unusual for that person to stop and hear more, or read more. This is such a word that can either generate dark thoughts or bright thoughts. And yesterday, I was able to appreciate a post about it without covering one eye or breaking a blush.

Dorothy of SelfEsteemBlog have yet again written a remarkable post that is both insightful and entertaining, as a guest writer this time at ManOverBoard, and discussed something important in a couples life. We all know it’s not just “Boys have penis and girls have vagina!” I believe it also is important to EVERYONE hoping to have a solid and intact relationship. Married of course (wink!)

My head nodded in agreement as I read along especially with her “Knowing thy partner, is to winning sex… what knowing thy enemy, is to winning war!” And so I can’t help but invite you to visit her blog and her article entitled: Women~Men~Sex, MEN AND WOMEN alike for a higher notch lesson in sex education!

Sharing with you my comment there as well…
as always, THUMBS UP to a post from Ms. D!

this one here is really going to be very helpful to couples. it's not just the sex, but the life they live. it probably is the reason to many cases of divorces and annulments around the world...because in time, "just the sex" leads to serious emotional problems.

don't you notice that more often ladies knows about this, but men doesn't. and so problems arise because they can't make both ends meet and IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO!

i love this post so much D that I will have one written about this...about you ;)

9 remarks:

ASWANI said...

Hi Jennie..I agree to whatever you wrote. And will surely check out D's post on this "S" subject. Thanks for sharing it here. Keep it up :D

chubskulit said...


DorothyL said... many thanks sweet Jenie for this awesome support in my thoughts.
It is so important that couples do NOT stop communicating and appreciating each others part in the relationship. In saying that...yes ..each partners role does tend to change due to life's challenges. That is why each person must understand that and really think about the word behind relationship which is commitment. If we commit to anything...we best be sure we know the rules of the game from beginning to end.
Again thank you so very much for your loyal support.
Big hugzzz to you~

Melanie said...

Oh yes, Ms D never fails to amazed and educate me on every post she made. Such a good writer!

gleenn said...

Indeed D! is one of a master in this subject. Understanding women, men and relationship. I actually think she is a guru ;). But I'm sure, that behind this master is a whole lot of real life experiences that sculpted her to be such, full of wisdom. :)

One of The Guys said...

Dorothy is a wise lady. But beyond that, she cares a lot about people. And that is so obvious by her thoughtful words, either in her posts, or in comments she makes on other blogs.

Nice tribute!

PS. Love the design and colors of your Blog!

Heart said...

I do agree with this and like you I also like Dorothy for her wisdom and for being a really nice person.

Going back to your topic, you are right, "relationship is not only about sex". There are many things to do to keep the fire burning. Building a relationship is not a one time affair. It is a continuous journey of two people committed to make the relationship blooming. Love, passion, communication, teasing, flirting, caring should always be there. It is not only about sex but a commitment.

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi Jenie, I guess you said it all, Dorothy is everyone's friend, and a friend to everyone. What a lovely post you wrote, really wonderful and sweet of you!

Thanks for sharing, and hope your weekend will be fabulous.


Anonymous said...

I love this post. Sometimes i tend forget that it takes two to tango and when i do forget about it i'll get stung for being so forgetful, maybe men will never learn or may have to keep on learning....

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