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Friday, March 19, 2010


Another favorite best selling author that awakens my sleeping heart into wanting to fall in love all over again with her writing is Johanna Lindsey. This latest re-read, Say You Love Me, is a fairy tale love story that happens even in real life. Many dreams of it…the “from rags to riches” life twists that is almost impossible to believe.

This is amongst the Malory Brothers Novel that I have followed through, the next generation actually, and still very much interesting. It is every woman’s dream to meet their prince charming, and so Kelsey did, in a whore house. Not because she is a whore but had the misfortune of needing to be auction just to save her family. Luckily, Lord Derek Malory had to outbid the highest bidder who he had a previous misfortune of having a squabble with and knows to be a sadist, thus had been her buyer.

But in every “happiness” there is an ordeal to pass through. How can a mistress be accepted in such a wealthy family? Will society ever approve of it? Will love blossom and will it be enough? What of the pride of the rival Derek publicly outshined? Will he give up that easily or there be another encounter?

Read and enjoy the thrill and romantic turn about of the story as I did.

5 remarks:

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I haven't read a romance book in a long, long time. Maybe I should pick one up again. They're always a good diversion.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice book..

Yen said...

Wow,makabili nga ng book ni lindsey. gusto ko din kasi ma inlove ulit. hehehe

theBluesman said...

neither have i been been any romance novels of late, btw i tend to think of one only in the month of february

JENIE=) said...

@ EVERYONE ~ guess i'm way to romantic to want to read one after another then ;) nice to live in a different "pleasing" world time and again. i'm not much into scary ones, or too heartbreaking sad stories. i'd rather go into the fantasy world of "perfect" love (wink!)

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