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Friday, February 12, 2010


Who does not have cell phone these days? Even those atop carabaos, farming, have them. Even kids playing at the playground can be seen using mobile phones. Cell phone is another breakthrough that is now considered a necessity just like computers. Leaving the house without it is like leaving without your shoes on. And we use it many times a day, for personal or business calls.

Therefore, it is but wise for us to make use of the offers from companies like Sprint who takes off more than a forth of our financial constraints due to hyperventilating monthly budget. You may not notice the expense you allot on prepaid cards or e-loads since you do so a little at a time. Why not look at cell phone plans and see for yourself that you will actually be paying less with all the offers they have. There are companies that offer FREE texting with a certain monthly allowance, added minutes to your calls, or some promo’s that makes your eyes grow big. All you have to do is to compare cell phone plans for you to choose the best option for you.

I did, and I saved more than what I imagine I could. Plus I don’t ever have to worry of consuming my prepaid card at the most inopportune time and have no way of getting another when you most need it. I have experienced such years ago. I was still on prepaid and am out for the night. There was an urgent need to make a call and the call cost me to lose the balance leaving me with a cut-off conversation and nothing to send even a text message when I needed to. I tell you, it really is a devastating experience. I have then wondered what if I had an emergency, an accident or something and I can’t contact anyone.

So unless you keep an extra card with you that you can lose, or an extra balance that can expire…make use of the wonderful offers you can have with POST PAID.

3 remarks:

Conquer Vacation Deprivation said...

we all need to relax every once in a while ;-)

poshie said...

Straight Talk have a super $45.00pm prepaid unlimited talk, text and data plan which is on Verizon so it's trouble free! It makes budgeting so easy.

JENIE said...

@conquer vac depriv ~ yeah...i do so very much NOW more than ever!

@ poshie ~ thanks for the info

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