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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Everybody seems to have one thought...go shopping!

And so it is not surprising to have more cars than usual in the busy streets of Manila, more so to the business areas. If it is one hour travel in ordinary days, now you stay rooted in 1 hour and travel another two. One consolation is it is not warm, and the joy of the season seems to be in everyone forgoing the tempers connected to traffic.

Traffic outside? Well, expect more inside! The malls are over crowded to the extreme with the last minute shopping. You see mom's and dad's dragging their kids to fit them into possible new outfits for an upcoming reunion or party, ladies trying on slip-on and stiletto's, perfume in the air as one spray after another comes your way as you pass along the area...totally chaotic, but joyous to witness.

Now I ask...who says there's a world wide crisis?

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

I ask myself that same question a lot!!!

IamNoOne said...

Last Friday was our christmas party, I was still out at half past midnight. Streets in Makati were still filled with people. It was so hard to find a vacant cab. And worst is the cab drivers we'd found were so selective. Heavy traffic, crowded places. If it weren't for the holiday mood, I will surely cracked. Merry christmas Jenie :)

By the way, I have tagged you in my post. Please pay a visit here:

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