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Monday, December 21, 2009


With the coming of another year, 2010, most of us would want a totally different look. Somewhat wanting to leave behind the last YOU that may not have been very pleasing to your way of assessing, or just wanting to get another complete change for a more dramatic effect and recognition.

No problem at all with that. No matter how big a change or little, what counts is the effect of the change. Of course it starts with the hair! I for one am thinking of what change I might do. I have been wearing my hair long and layered for 4 years now, so it’s high time that I try some other style. Glad I came across this site that gives me lots to choose from and see what matches my personality. What do you think will be fab on me?

The wardrobe comes next. It’s a little more expensive to do this, so you have to consider altering your style but some clothes can stay but would have to be differently combined.

This is going to be fun and challenging. Are you planning of doing something like this yourself?

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Mommy Mayonnaise said...

I used to have a long hair, Jen. But now, I prefer short style like bob. I play with color instead. I plan to color my hair red next year. What do you think? Lol

Anyway, got an award for you, dear. Come and take it anytime you like
Take care :)

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