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Sunday, December 20, 2009


In this life we travel on, there are a lot of weaknesses man falls to. And these temptations lead us to destruction. It is hard enough to admit to something we did wrong, what more to effect change? Yes, it is not easy BUT it is possible. AND IT IS A MUST THAT WE CHANGE FOR US TO LIVE AGAIN.

Assistance and love of relatives and friends are mandatory, but loving entails seeking help from professionals for our victimized love ones. Acceptance that there is a need for drug treatment or alcohol rehabilitation is the very first step to this healing process.

I have seen first hand that what holds back to this treatment most of the time is relative’s denial that their child is addicted. How can he be restored to health when they do not accept that he is sick? Think of the good it will do to finally have him back to who he is before all this. Fear not for the adjustment he has to go through because it is part of the therapy. There may be times when he believes that he cannot go on anymore, but he will with your help. The moment you go soft hearted and make it all stop, then that means failure because of you. He needs your strength and not your softness in these trying times. You have professionals to guide you through this; they know what’s best and how to go about it. In no time you will be on your way to addiction recovery, to getting your child back, and seeing him as he should be.

You can be who you are again. You can live your dreams, you can be as normal as everyone else. And one day, be the motivation to others who are victims as you have once been. It is time to effect change; it is time to conquer and not to be conquered.

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