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Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is definitely my favorite time of the year! Windy days, chilly nights, freezing water...things to enjoy until the latter part of February.

Here in the tropics, we are thankful for the wonderful sun and beaches in the summer. But the humidity sometimes gets way too much for me, especially when it's a weekday and you're not loving the warm water of the pool but getting all damp and sweaty on your way to work or doing your chores at home. Nice to have a tan, yes, but finds the sun a pest when in the middle of a crowd you smell sun burned skin! eowwww!

Then come the rainy season. Cold, but who wants to have wet feet as you go home after a cloudy day that poured down suddenly on your sandaled feet? Or the flood the makes the traffic truly terrible aside from your house being a victim of it?

Thus, December chill is the best. Not too much to give you frost bites but just enough to want to cuddle, have hot chocolates and wear your nice warm clothes. Plus the season's jolliness, of course.

1 remarks:

Duni said...

I would swap with you anytime :D
I much prefer to sweat than freeze. Hahaha!

Happy Holidays!

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