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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Job less? All you need really is diligence and perseverance…and if you’re really decided to beat hunger in order to live, there is a way.

This is two amongst many qualities of a Filipino that I am proud of, creativity and wit. In this sense be Filipino’s way of earning a living though almost hopeless with the thousands of job hunters to compete with. Let me share with you some unique but worthwhile scheme that I have seen just recently.

Ever heard if “ESCORT TO THE DEAD”? As was usual, the procession from the wake to the internment is escorted by what we call “hagad” (traffic police in motorcycles) that will avoid the procession from being stopped in traffic. With blazing siren, they will lead the way to the cemetery, one traveling ahead to stop an intersection and the other leading the crawl of mourner’s transportation after transportation. THAT WAS THE USUAL! This Filipino have a version of his own. He escorts a procession as well, but ON FOOT (and I mean, on foot, without a shoe or slipper on!) although he do this only in small areas and not in the major roads. And he does not have a siren or any authority, but he is assisted by designated area traffic reinforcements when they see him LYING DOWN in the pavement to stop approach of vehicles and ensure continuous flow of procession.

Funny? Unbelievable? Eyebrow raising? Well, he does not mind as long as he earns to feed his family without violating morals like others do.

Another is the “AD SPINNER”. We see billboard serving as ads to big companies and placards or pasted ads in some areas for small time businesses. But often we don’t even stop and read because they are just there, unattractive, non-capturing interest. And so this Ad Spinner was borne. Instead of the ads simply posted, they are being carried along by hired individuals to be tossed around and spinned to get attention of passers by. They do tricks and acrobats that are as flashy as the colored and blinking lights of the billboard. Now, even the small time ads can be noticed. Effective marketing strategy don’t you think?

CROWD MOOD-ENLIGHTENER” is for game shows and variety shows. They are the ones to ensure that the audience is alive and cheerful before they start the show for cooperation in the clapping and appreciating. Stand-up comedians are the most appropriate since they make the audience crack up and lose the timidity. What a warm up…and it clicks! Thanks to this unusual job description.

So...what can you say of the Filipino's originality? We think of ways to live by...some even grabbed or bought to us by other countries because of the lack in funding. Scientists able to make come true what others cannot do, will have to post it next time and reveal to you those wonderful breakthroughs that have slipped our hands if only we have the means. I see them being launched in other countries, and it is painful to learn that it was originally ours before it was paid for.

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Carolee / Home4ever said...

That is very interesting!

Maybe I'll have my daughter, who is homeschooled read that!

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