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Monday, December 14, 2009


Long vacations are up ahead in the last two weeks of the month and everyone’s thinking of what to do this time, and where. And just in time I have heard of this new activity that is being offered in Subic. I wonder if I can try this “Interactive Tree Fall” where you will be secured in a seat with a harness with 2 more friends, and will be raised off the ground only to fall down repeatedly either leaving your soul behind or whatever it is you ate prior. Hahaha, well it actually depends on how much you hate heights and falling.

Zip line is quite famous and so they had a version called “Silver Surfer” where you do it standing up, more like surfing than flying. Looks nice and fun as well; just as it is on the “Canopy Ride” but this time sitting down. “Tree Drop” is Banjie Jumping but not the fear of falling in water that you have to face but of falling straight down to the ground. Scary but looks safe enough with all the harness attached to you.

But if you love swimming, there’s this Giant Slide, 50 meters long and will be diving not on the pool but on a 120 feet deep sea. Truly safe from banging your head in a pool tile (probably more on a fish, hehe). And you will be wearing life vest so no fear from drowning for those who can’t swim without.

Well, I can’t decide where…hope I can so I can tell you everything about it.

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scribbler said...

Try ziplining! It's really a fun adventure!

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