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Monday, December 14, 2009


We are in this season when we have this attack of wanting to remodel or redecorate. Knowing that soon enough there will be tons of visitors knocking on our door as was every year, and it would be nice to invite them to a whole new look. How wonderful it is to see them roam their eyes appreciatively, and comment on it, you just have to make a great impression! That will be the topic of conversation for a couple of minutes, I’m sure.

And that is something worthy to remember and delight in for the rest of the year. Glad this idea have revealed itself to me and have this utmost desire to try a new look with a solid wood eco furniture. If I can, I would want everything changed to it (hahaha, I wonder what dad will say about that?!)

Imagine inviting your guests to your cozy family room of tan-latte fabric, and serve dinner in a formal setting. Or it can even be all white! My li’l girl will definitely love her room to be white and girlie.

Ooh I think I’m getting all excited here. I just firmly believe that in choosing a change, it has to be defined. Obvious. And of course remarkable. I want it now only beautiful in the eyes of the beholder but that it will go with our comfort and that will match all our preferences. I guess, I will have to think and plan then reveal these for comments and revisions. What do you think?

2 remarks:

MelCole said...

That's a cool bedroom, jen! Love the pink and white! Neat ;-)

jak said...

I guess, it will be a dream come true if a girl have a room like that...

I have a cool interior link for u:

enjoy :D

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