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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just in time for the season of giving is this call for people to have a bigger heart. We look around us and there are so many people in need, and there is nothing more heart warming than being able to share the blessing given us; that somehow in extending our hands we show that we are thankful that we are the ones helping and not the other way around. And as what we commonly hear “No man is an island”…we are all human and with that we carry a natural human nature of needing to be a part of somebody else’s life.

And there are so many ways of doing that, one of which is when you donate a vehicle and contribute to the care of homeless and hungry children worldwide; and/or help in the research for the prevention and cure of diseases like cancer, aids, leukemia, autism and muscular dystrophy. Aside from these beneficial outcomes of a donation, you also have your share of advantages, like the hassle of selling and things around it.

Donate car Connecticut also accepts with open arms other vehicles at your disposal, may it be a boat, yacht, truck, or a motorcycle. Aside from the tender smile and thanks for your big heart, your over $500 worth generosity deserves a “thank you” in the form of a voucher for a deluxe vacation package for two but must be taken within a year’s time. You can choose from the exciting choices of a cruise and island vacation to the Bahamas, deluxe hotel accommodation from hundreds of wonderful cities you can choose from, mexico vacation or a resort getaway.

With all these choices, I am right now considering buying a car to donate! What more of you who already have it?! Thanks to an affiliated leading vacation travel company…but many more thanks to donate car Ct for the chance to share and at the same time the chance to have a vacation!

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Judy Harper said...

Good thought! Very admirable of you to write about this! I see that is what the blog is about!

chubskulit said...

hi jen just a quick visit

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