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Thursday, December 10, 2009

DEAR Job Hunters

It is common knowledge that the world is having difficulty with the crisis, and often we see thousands of applicants lining up for a chance to a job placement. An in this scenario we witness the domineering attitude of the interviewers and employers knowing they have the upper hand; that they are “important”, they are “needed”.

A Susan M. Heathfield, human resource blogger admits to perceiving those employers that intentionally let the interviewee hang though not truly compatible with the position until they pick their choice, unethical. They take advantage of their position being needed by these job hunters. It is then better to let the candidate know right away of their chance or call them if they did not pass the required competency and not just those who passed. After all, you also needed them and took a few moments of their precious time.

As of the present, employers also give wages and salaries that is way below the worth of the job being done. Either it was low outright, or inhumane as to giving supposedly a two-employee (to three at times) workload to one man. What they do is again they take advantage of the situation of “having too much job seekers” with “too little jobs to offer”; that upon hiring they tell this to the applicant knowing again that the applicant need this job and so will agree. People have also noticed the regularization to be taking so long. You will be hired trainee giving you an allowance only which sometimes waved either it will be not a privilege the company offers or the trainee even pays just so she can be trained like that of the nurses. After this training period that ranges from a week to half a month, would be contractual. Here you will be given a below minimum to minimum wage but can last as long as they want it to. Either you renew your contract or end it is the common hereabouts. Why you say? Well, obviously, so you will not need to have benefits. So it’s a good enough shot if you finally get regularized.

These really sound awful, but it does happen. People truly are changing…sadly not for the better and just because of worldly things. Still, in every rule there is an exemption. And so, I SALUTE THOSE EMPLOYERS THAT IS NOT IDENTIFIED AS SUCH!

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