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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


World wide crisis have started just recently, but in a third world country like ours, it has been felt for the longest time already. For the average family status, it is hard enough to live by the high cost of living, what more of the poor?

The food that the family is to partake on a daily basis is being dealt with by having another source of income aside from the employment lucky individuals get hold of. The necessities sometimes are at a compromised state like the electricity and water. Then came the unexpected ailment of a family member. The head of the family almost do not know where to get money from anymore.

In this situation, Generic Medicines are truly an answered prayer. Those branded ones sometimes are too high a cost for these people to even think of buying. They sometimes would just resort to herbal medicines which are not as effective as the capsules we take, or even to just go on living until the body cannot cope anymore. But these Generic Medicines are as effective and can be bought at a much cheaper rate.

Only, some people would not trust it since they still believe that doctors knows best, and that whatever was written in the Rx pad should be the very brand they will take. If only the physicians will take into consideration the status of the patient and not just of the quota they need to reach.

4 remarks:

IamNoOne said...

I heard but I don't know if it is really true that it is against the law here in the Philippines for physician to prescribed branded medicines. Generic drugs should be recommended first for the patient, if Generic is not available then consumer got not choice but to go with the branded one.

doQ / scribbler said...

Physicians are supposed to write the generic name of the drug first, then write the branded medicine of their choice(enclosed in parenthesis). However, it is the patient's prerogative if he/she wants to buy a less expensive medicine of the same generic, other than that prescribed by the physician.

The problem is that not all generic drugs have the same efficacy and safety as compared to branded medicines.

Judy Harper said...

Oh wow Jenie. I didn't know this! Sorry I haven't come by before now. I have enjoyed your comments, as you know, the past week has been rather traumatic for me. I have been remiss in reponding to comments, but I'm trying to remedy that! Thanks again for coming by! I'm looking forward to learning about you and where you live! I find this is the best part of blogging! The many different cultures!

MelCole said...

I sympathize with you about the world wide crisis. Life is really tough these days. When I was in the Philippines, my family is having a hard time to buy medicines too. We content ourselves with herbs. My husband is having trouble with hid bad cholesterol too. We don't know how much will be the medicine cost since doc here in U.S. also prescribe expensive ones.

Anyhow, I also want to let you know that I have two gift cards to be given away. Check it out in my blog.

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