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Monday, November 23, 2009


Fry a dried fish or squid for lunch and you can smell your kitchen walls (or even up to your family room walls) for 3 days smelling of it. If you thought of grilling or have some barbeque outside but forgot to close the windows, the wind will also carry it inside the house.

What I do is light a candle under my oil lamp and put drops of peppermint, or fruity scent that I have at stock. It used to be flowery scent but my li’l princess finds it repugnant. There are actually many options to giving a nice scent to your place even just for the love of it; scented candles, potpourris, Chinese sticks (incense), sprays, or electric ones of new discoveries. It is relaxing and the feeling of being “home”. You may choose a signature scent for you, or like me preferring one scent at a different room, but not too much of it. Just a very light touch of something, like a smell of wood at the porch, or a flower near a garden window, fruity in the kitchen or mint in a room...refreshingly different don’t you think?

3 remarks:

Duni said...

Oh yes, the smell of fried fish really lingers in the home. Cabbage is even worse! LOL
I like the smell of citrus, I usually diffuse some orange oil to get rid of bad smells!

have a good week,


Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

Yes it's a terrible lingering smell and I always have my natural clean burning candles around to get rid of it.

hopeful said...

Oh yes, it's very smelly. I can smell it even I'm upstairs. In my case I used air deodorizer, I spray the place once I can smell fishy. In fairness your tip is a good one. I'll try it out.

btw, sure we'll have an exchange links. Just let me know once your're done adding my blogs too.

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