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Friday, November 27, 2009


What is this so-called “poker face”? Poker is a popular game card that had been going on for as long as I lived. As far as I know, it is a game where one has to win either because he have the highest card or he bluff’s to have a higher card when in fact that he does not. (not so good a game huh?! A liar’s game, I call it!) And so was born the poker face, a bland, no-reaction-face, to cover whatever it is that you are feeling as you draw a card.

This then is being used according to Mr. Webster to describe a person who have “an expressionless face”.

2 remarks:

jak said...

The mask is cool!!

kinda spooky but still cool!!

I cant play poker but i know that Lady Gaga song :D

theBluesman said...

i've had some experience dicusing & negotiating with the japanese during my active working days, boy, they sure can put up quite a poker face like what you said above, some of these japanese businessmen can really put up a solemn face but god knows what's lurking below the surface. In fact that's one of their best secret in doing business - to deny the opponent the benefit of reading their mind!

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