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Friday, November 27, 2009


“You are invited for the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs.…” and the first thing that comes to mind is, “What am I to give them?”

Gift giving is truly a wonderful thing to do…if only we know what to give. It is more than just picking up something, having it wrapped and giving it away. It is a lot nicer to get something the receiver will truly appreciate. How nice would it be to see them open it and see the light shine in their eyes or be repaid with a bright smile? A child would be amazed with the discovery of a new toy, a teenager will jump with joy with the coolest gadget to use at school, a friend will hug you with her mostly desired microwaveable bootie, dad will laugh with joy for that Robin Hood classic book, and a reward of a cozy night out from your hubby for the mini table pool he has been eyeing.

Gifts are simple ways of saying you love them, and you have more than just one occasion to do that. May it be a birthday gift, Christmas gift…an Anniversary, Engagement, or any other holiday or event gift, the joy of receiving is the same as in giving.

The problem now is WHAT to give amongst so many choices. Wondering which to choose as stocking fillers for your coming yuletide, surprise presents for welcoming the New Year, hand over give-away for the company anniversary or personalized item for our love ones? Be thankful that there are sites offering suggestions to remind us of what best will benefit or be appreciated by the recipient. We don’t want to end up buying again the same old mugs, paper weights, and stuffed toys. And we hate elbowing the crowd for last minute shopping’s either. Now it’s a whole lot easier shopping on-line, and with just a few clicks here and there…you’re all set to sing your “happy birthday to you…” and make a meaning to “even the man who has everything, would be so happy if you would bring…”

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