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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Call it reality, call it vanity…the truth is everybody wanted to be perfect. And thanks to the advancing technology because now, you can ALMOST be.

With plastic surgery your most hated natural part of your body can be readjusted to make it more than likable. I know, I know…the next question will be, “Is it safe?” One just had to find “the best” to do your innermost desire.

If I am in Beverly Hills, I definitely would go and see the best Beverly Hills breast augmentation specialist to make my now 33 go 36. It’s not just enlarging, mind you, even reduction or simple reshaping that most goes gaga about can be done. Imagine going to the beach and having the bump to allow you to wear string bikini. Unless you needed also to have a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills. I understand the concern of mommy’s there that once carried 7 or more pounds baby to have their bellies expand way too much enlarging their belly buttons. How nice would it be to put them back to how it was years ago, when you can wear hanging blouses showing off those wonderfully shaped tummy’s.

So, what is this breast augmentation? It is a procedure where an implant is placed under the breast tissue or under the chest muscles in accordance to the present breast shape, amount of tissue and total body shape. There are incisions to be made to do the implant which will either be under the nipple, under the breast or in the underarm area. Beverly Hills breast augmentation is the perfect place to have this done to meet your highest standard.

Tummy tuck, as per mentioned above, gives you a better looking tummy and belly button. In this procedure, your belly button will have to be detached to be re-made for a better, normal looking belly button. It will be stitched back to the deep tissues of the abdominal wall creating a more natural look.

Plastic surgery then is the best solution to the improvement to those Ms Perfect Wanna Be’s.

2 remarks:

imelda said...

i am for this, too sis. if i only have money, why not?

Mrsblogalot said...

Sign me up for all of the above! And hurry before it's too late!!! (-:

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