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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A famous Filipino word that may be translated as gossiping, concluding without solid evidence, bad-mouthing, whisperings about other people, paparazzi type of wanting to know other people’s personal life… a simply inappropriate code of conduct and bad manner of talking about other people.

It is common for a celebrity or a known individual to be the limelight to this “tsismis”. It is one of the biggest trial in their lives that they have to get used to even before they set their foot in show business, because it will definitely be a part of their life! One has to be strong and somewhat unfeeling to continue standing and living with some mind boggling and truly destructive innuendoes. Though, what we perceive as unaffected celebrity may very well be affected. Being actors and actresses, I’m pretty sure they can also act out what the audience wants to see and hide behind smiles and cool façade when deep inside their hearts are breaking as well. This tsismis is one of the devil’s work, and it is against the rule of “loving thy neighbors”. BUT still, people continues on with it. In fact, it is so even outside of the limelight. For even in the most ordinary of places and with the most ordinary of people…tsismis still exists.

Why, oh why!? I believe in “Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you”…that is why I wonder why people can’t seem to stop doing this and just mind their own businesses. That if what will come out of your mouth will not be pleasing, just swallow it all down!

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