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Sunday, October 25, 2009


To a non-techie, amateur in computer terms this would have garnered a lot of time browsing and comparing…but thankfully a computer technician, even a boy only in my eyes have made it quite easy for me by just saying that they are THE SAME only belonging to different companies.

This was brought about with a problem I had encountered with the use of the usually uploaded Internet Explorer. A BIG PROBLEM since it concerns my blogging (I love blogging!!!) And so, yesterday as I seek the advice of this someone named Picard (love his name, don’t you?), he enlightened me with this Mozilla and how much better it is than the other…mind you, IT REALLY IS A LOT BETTER! They are almost the same but this Mozilla Firefox can detect and shun away viruses, spywares and malwares better. In fact it even goes hand in hand with my newly installed spywareblaster which I had downloaded at an advice of another far-away friend Andy to stop cookies from invading my system...they seem to be there every time I ran a scan.

Now, I’m all okay…not only am I safe with all these new stuffs my friends had me downloaded, but it’s a whole lot faster to visit you, post comments and leave messages ;)

5 remarks:

aBIGwhale said...

i have been using mozilla since i can remember.. never liked IE.. mabagal mag load :(

i know there are also tweaks on how to make both browsers faster.. but for work I use mozilla.. for personal use i use google chrome which i find faster..

thou sa work it just doesn't let the popups pop so i can't use it..

what's good with Mozilla is there are tons and tons of add ons that you can use as well as plugins like video downloader so thats one good thing about mozilla... :) plus a lot of themes.. :)

Anonymous said...

i've been using mozilla too these days, it's much better & sure pronounced better than IE, my blogging has never been the same since i switched to mozilla some months back

David Funk said...

Jenie, I use Mozilla these days myself because I've noticed too many errors popping up on various sites I visit including my own. I've had it for about a year.

Thanks as always for your visits and comments my dear friend!

jak said...

I like Mozilla Fire Fox more than Inet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Or whatever!!

I just get familiar with internet in these 2 years (before that, i was blind about internet) and Mozilla helped me :)

moonchild117 said...

I've been a Mozilla fan since it was introduced to me some years ago. Faster, better, and much easier to use. :)

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