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Monday, October 26, 2009


Look around you! People seem to be getting more and more into narcissism…some even subjecting themselves to immorality. But who more can we readily see? Not the normal individuals, not the unknown people in the society but the ones with faces and names all over town – celebrities top them all!

It’s disheartening sometimes to perceive some to be amongst the elite, the higher among socialites then see them at a scandal that rocked the whole country. One of which has been under the said state a few months back, and this had lowered down the level she had rightfully gained prior to that shocking sex video scandal. I tainted the crowds respect in her (well not me…I still love her pretty “chinita”face!) BUT NOT EVERYBODY IS ME!!! And not everybody is like her to still carry on with her life, looking like a princess…seems unaffected.

Another is the vanity with their God given parts. It’s commonly heard that “if you have the money, why not make the best of what you have”…BUT sometimes they already have the best and still find something not right or that they can be better MAKING IT NOT AT ALL BETTER! One concrete example is the very rampant LIP remodeling. Even those with pretty pouts wants it to be even more fuller! It then looks so obviously fixed up…and trying hard!!! So this yet again is a fast route to stooping down their supposed levels. What a shame don’t you think?

5 remarks:

Anonymous said...

it takes all sort of people to make this world, it's also ain't perfect in many aspects too.

Modern Mom said...

Contentment is the word. This is very common to people who have everything. They can't seem to be content with what they have. It's always I have more, I want more!

Dorothy L said...

No doubt we have evolved into a material world. With the computer advancements which has allowed everyone access to just about anything they desire.
The cell phones with its texting as a replacement for eye to eye communication...which has caused a generation of desensitized people...

How can the people not become somewhat inhuman!

Liz said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for the invite. I have added your link.

rjs mama said...

"love what God has given you"

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