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Sunday, October 11, 2009


The deadline given to register as a voter for the upcoming election is near its end, it being until the end of October. In so saying, it is very “timely” of me to suddenly have just decided to transfer precinct and so I’m now among the throes of people cramming to have it accomplished before the said due.

As I sit before the zigzagging lines awaiting my turn to have my photo taken, I can’t help but notice how unruly the crowd is and how loud the one in-charge is trying to shout away the people into filling their forms properly. THIS MAKES ME WONDER…can’t this kind of stressful and noisy environment be an orderly and peaceful one? The applicants and the municipal staff will both benefit such change. It will be a lot faster, comfortable and stress-free without the ear piercing screech of instructions and blubbering unnecessary noise. (This is one reason why I decided to contribute to that possible calmness and just be an observer instead of a participant…and maybe if everyone would think the same way as I do and let the quietness start within, everything will be much, much better!?) IF ONLY PEOPLE WILL SHUT UP!!! (ehem…inhale-exhale…whew! almost lost it there for a second.)

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