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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Come December, parties of different nature will come one after the other; reunions, weddings, get-togethers and Socializations. As of present I have two in my planner that I am quite excited about. One would be the planned reunion of my elementary friends and schoolmates that I have not seen for decades but is getting frequent messages lately in the most popular social network these days, in Facebook. The 4 W’s is not filled up yet, the When, What, Where, Who, but is definitely worth looking forward to in the holiday seasons. As the song says “tis the season to be jolly”, and jolly it will be! Definitely, reminiscing will be the major thing to do, plus the updating of what’s with who’s.

Another is the most awaited Socializing in our Church that was pre-informed to us yesterday during our monthly meeting. What’s exciting about it is that it will be another dress-up event since it will be a semi-formal affair. I love feeling and looking beautiful, and when more to show-off than in “singles” party where you’ll definitely get attention of the opposite sex.

3 remarks:

tiff k said...

Hi! thanks for dropping by! haha you can actually hear my voice in the video form of my contest. My voice isn't kinda girly XD haha Thanks also for linking me!

That looked like my planner last year since a lot of my friends had debuts! Have fun there!

Liz said...

It would be nice to be reunited with old friends once again. I am so jealous, I wish we'd meet up to. But most of them are already residing abroad. :(

Thanks for visiting sis, twas nice seeing you once again. :)

Happy Wednesday.

Modern Mom said...

Hi Jenie! Good to see you back. Sorry about the link, my bad. Just added you. :)

See you around. :)

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