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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"LABUYO" what? or who?

"Siling Labuyo" in the Philippines is the common term used for the chili red peppers that's really hot and spicy. It's mostly served with the condiment that matches the dish you are to partake. BUT not everybody can tolerate its burning-hot spicy taste that gets greater the more you squash these peppers. Our family, though not Bicolano's who's said to be favoring this labuyo the most, does not eat without the appetizing bite this labuyo adds in our meals.

But I mentioned this peppers as an intro to this typhoon that have been pestering the whole country for the past week. It very much suits the name given by the weather bureau for the unending showers of rain that floods areas though out the country. Typhoon “labuyo” have been as disturbing as the peppers when you eat it!

Then again, who am I to complain when a few posts away I’ve been hoping for rain to end the humidity?! Truth be told, I love it now that it’s chilly though I have this running nose from colds that I got when I went out a few nights ago (Ka Erano Manalo’s wake) and got wet as I walk along damp grounds plus the sleepless nights in connection to it.

One thing I’m happy about….the BER month have started. And soon enough it’s going to be mighty cold once again even without the bothering rain. Well actually, not too cold…but just enough for us Filipino’s to enjoy walking outside, wearing sweaters that have been long kept during the HOTTER season.

5 remarks:

jak said...

just by looking the image makes my mout has already hot lol

Yen said...

I love labuyo, though it really make my mouth burn, still love it.I don't know why, maybe my mind has something to do with it.

The typhoon labuyo is over, but the weather is still bad. sabe meron daw ulit bagyo.

Bailey Baretto said...

thank God that the typhoon's out Manila already. I love the rain but not the disaster-causing type :)

chubskulit said...

True about the bicolano.. My father used to eat every meal with it. I grew up eating food with labuy and its adds up appetite you know. I still eat hot stuff food now buut the difference is ung sa jar na lang ginagamit ko, walang labuyo here..

Thanks for the add Jen, added you back...

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Anonymous said...

hey i love these too, can't live without them in our daily menu

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