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Friday, September 11, 2009


This used to be a meaningless number…but it has changed 8 years back making it a “tragic number” that the whole world knows about. Yes, it’s been 8 long years, but it still is hard to forget this GROUND ZERO terrorist attack that have shaken each and everyone’s lives. The evilness of it is just pure reminder to us of how people have changed; that they will destroy lives of hundreds of innocent people just for their selfish deed of letting them be heard. Oh yes, maybe there is something they want to say…but to the extent of bloodshed?!

After almost a decade, the incident may not be as fresh as it is for those who were directly affected. We may not be one of the survivors who dragged themselves out of the collapsing towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan City, nor may we be amongst the horrified on lookers taking cover from the falling debris, the brave firefighters picking bodies of those losing lives, or the relatives of those that did not make it out to continue on with their ordinary waking days. We may not be one of those BUT we definitely can never forget the devastating incident. That up until now there’s sadness in our hearts to recall one of the meanest thing man ever did in the history of mankind.

It is different when people perish from natural disasters or death from ailments…as compared to violence. It’s harder to accept such heart wrenching episode on a lifetime. One thing that can ease the pain is to turn to Him who can heal the wounds, our God and our Creator.

3 remarks:

jak said...

I watched the movie (World Trade Center and Flight 93). It helps me to feel the condition and situation at that time. Let's hope this kind of tragedy will not be happened again....

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Well said. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

the mystery behind it all still remains and the so-called the guy is still around or at least still in the news

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