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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have experienced not being able to wear my watch for the day forgetting it in my “kikay cabinet” at home. I kept looking at my wrist and seeing just a few tiny hairs and not the supposed Guess Watch I usually wear. Lucky me I have a phone to fish out from my bag to assure me am not tardy for my destination yet. Nonetheless, it’s still not at all the same having to do a double take at my wrist then at my bag…disgustingly funny, am I?

My dad on the other hand is having a big problem with his own analogue. Says it’s broken or something and he needs to have it repaired. Only, the shop repairing that certain kind is 3 hours away from us. He hates putting out his phone whenever he’s out walking.

Well, I told him…why not buy another? Since he claims that it will cost him almost a fortune just to change a certain something inside. Seems like the heavens heard me and I came across this that is the answer to his complaints of travelling and everything. Aside from having his dream watch, Rolex, he get to have it with warranty and free shipping! Concern of it being genuine is not even a problem.

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Anonymous said...

Rolex are really nice watches. Buy them only from authorised dealers since there are so many bogus agents around. Sometimes the fakes look so real to the untrained eyes. So be very careful

Next thing if you want to buy a Rolex, just choose the plain & simple looking design without those gold streaks and diamond beads running all over it. Why? Don't ask for trouble as there are so many eyes looking for such pieces. I've heard of a case where a guy who's wearing a gold Rolex was having coffee with some friends at a coffee shop and suddenly one guy coolly came in and chopped off his arm and ran away with the Rolex still attaching to the bleeding arm. These are some of the stories which i heard and considered before i ended up getting just a plain silvery looking Rolex and thank God that i still have my arms with me even after more than 10 years already.

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