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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Upcoming blog is temporarily being held until further notice=)
I was supposed to launch it the other day…unfortunately, I’m having problem with this new website that I’m planning to use. After all the updating and editing’s, I suddenly cannot log-in unless I go back to my activation mail. I actually am very excited already but then again, it’s best to put on a good start than redoing it all over again if this website is not going to be functioning as I hope it should.

Don’t get me wrong, Blogger is okay…I just want to try another. I have AT-A-BLINK existing in both Word press and BlogSpot but I love my theme here, so am still undecided whether to switch. What I’m worried about now is my new heartQUAKES blog.

Can anyone advice on which website I should start it with aside from Blogger and Word press? I want one that can have several pages. Your comment matters…please leave one for me=)

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Sassychick said...

hey jenie...I don't know what you want your new blog to you want to earn from it?...based from my experience,blogspot/blogger is still the best...but having your own domain fro your website,will definitely give you a lot of opportunities when it comes to money-making from your blog...

Isis said...

Have you tried doing one at or tumblr? both are free. And you can even monetize your blogs using those platforms.

Btw, thanks for the visit to my blog.

And to answer your question, trekking is not exactly the same as backpacking. But most backpacking trips involve a lot of walking, and if you like communing with nature and experiencing the wilderness, then definitely you'll do some trekking.

This is the most ideal definition I could find:
"Trekking: Is a category of adventure travel, typically involving visits to remote areas, with overnight lodging in tents or other minimal accommodation. It is less strenuous than mountain climbing or hiking but more strenuous then walking."

It's never to late to have some adventure. You can go backpacking with your whole family in tow. It just takes some planning. :D

jenie said...

anne, yeah blogger's ok but am hoping really to try other sites...those with more than a page=)

isis, you're right...maybe we'll try backpacking for a change, but not too soon. in a few more years, when my li'l girls not as fragile anymore. for now, i'll go see tumblr and iph=)

THANKS for all your messages=)

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