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Friday, August 7, 2009


The best cure there is for a broken heart is TIME. A time to heal and a time to move on. You do not need to wallow yourself in self pity or self disgust. Live not for the past but for the future. What’s done is done. It is possible that you will go through the stages of shedding tears, of putting fingers as to who to blame, to anger,…can even dwell on what should have and shouldn’t have. Time again will be the one to lead you to understanding and calmness.

But the most powerful that have proven to be most effective is FAITH. Believe that He knows best, and that He’s just there waiting for you to call on Him.

I have another Heart Problem post that deals with physiological type of a heart problem. The killer disease that each and everyone of us should be aware of. Earthymsjen gives you advices regarding this.

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3 remarks:

Paulette said...

true... time heals all wounds..

Anonymous said...

agree with Paulette that time heals all wounds but sometimes the scars are still there and sometimes these scars tend to bring back the old memories and then we get sick again. Finally i guess we just need to move on with life, scars or no scars, switch off & move on.....

Jenny0323 said...

I agree with Paulette too. There is no wound that time cannot heal. Been there (nakarelate daw ako o). hehe. Its so nice to be here in your page.

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