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Thursday, July 23, 2009


I’ve been watching the television last night and I came across Fit and Fob in QTV 11 wherein a first time mom is being massaged in a day spa. I remembered all pains after delivering a baby…and the stress that comes after. The physical and emotional stress 1st time moms experience with the sudden change in her life, the taking care of a newborn and at the same time adjusting to your body’s demands after going through the birthing process and the 9 long months of carrying another being inside you. It really is quite a stressful experience and one doesn’t adjust to it overnight. Having a massage is one ideal thing to do!

But what surprised me most is the model being thoroughly massaged, because with her back facing the camera I didn’t recognize her , but the moment she turned…I realized it’s cousin Abby!

It’s a very nice and long exposure, and I told her so. She was also interviewed pertaining to the benefits of the heavenly treatment the spa is giving her. She also admits to having less milk flow than normal, probably due to the stress, and so invited the viewers who are also lactating to try the spa’s specialty with the milk production techniques the provide during a massage.

Now, I hope I’ve thought of that after I gave birth…then again, I can still have one even if I’m not, right?

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Anonymous said...

you said...then again, I can still have one...even if you're not, having a good massage is always healthy & to get the circulation going. I do that quite regularly you know.

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